5 Ways To Exude Confidence

5 Ways To Exude Confidence

Exude Confidence

There are a wide variety of steps that you can take to exude confidence to the people around you. You can appear confident even when you aren’t a confident person. This can help you land clients, get a new job, and meet the love of your life.

The appearance of confidence is a monumentally important factor to attaining success in life.

5 Ways To Exude Confidence

Stand up straight

You could follow every other method on this list and then torpedo the entire effort by not standing up straight. Good posture demonstrates a sense of confidence, and bad posture can suggest the exact opposite. Push your shoulders back and straighten up your spine.

This has a wide variety of benefits beyond making you look and feel confident. Good posture helps your breathing and can prevent chronic back injuries and pain for years to come. Slouching can make it appear as though you are trying to shrink to minimize your appearance, and this essentially suggests the polar opposite of confidence.


Have you ever spoken to a person who wouldn’t stop talking fast? This is a telltale sign that said the person is nervous and not confident with the situation. This is part of why nervous people who give pre-written speeches often speed through them. The answer here is to listen. A confident person will keep quiet when he or she does not need to be speaking, and will listen to what others have to say.

Ask for help

People who often lack confidence have trouble owning up to their weaknesses, or to spaces in which they require knowledge. It is more comfortable for a person who lacks the courage to pretend he or she knows all the answers. Asking questions instead of pretending is a way to exude confidence. It takes a confident person to admit weakness and move forward. Asking for help and asking questions about how to will show others that you are confident.


When somebody at work or home asks for something or requests help, be the first to stand up and volunteer. This demonstrates confidence because it shows those around you that you are willing to take on tasks, even if they aren’t necessarily in your usual wheelhouse. Being eager to take on new things is a surefire way to show others that you are a confident person.

Own up to your own mistakes

This ties in with number three, but it is a bit different. When you make a mistake, don’t try to hide it or minimize it. Own up to your mistakes, and others will probably make light of them for you. Don’t leave your mistakes for others to discover and call you out on. Showing that you are willing to own up to what you have done wrong means that people will see that you are confident in yourself despite your mistakes.

Being certain means showing your confidence. These five methods will show, in the workplace and your personal life, that you are a confident person in ways that the people around you will no doubt notice. Take these steps, and they will slowly become a natural part of your life.

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