Confidence is on the mind this week. My latest Passion Zone podcast covered confidence. We’re covering confidence in Red Hot 180. I’m going to need confidence to speak to a room full of people this weekend at the Universal Life Expo about Soul Mates & Twin Flames.

Without a doubt, confidence is needed in and out of the bedroom. You need to be able to tell your partner what you want & to be expressive in bed (or the car, kitchen counter, your neighbor’s pool, etc…).

Single? Confidence is what attracts that perfect person to you & allows you to feel comfortable enough to have sex with him or her for  the 1st time.

Ladies – who do you feel radiates (or radiated) confidence?

First person to come to mind is Katharine Hepburn, followed by Audrey Hepburn. Who else? The late Margaret Thatcher. Hilary Clinton. Michelle Obama. Danielle LaPorte. Marie Forleo.

When these women enter/ed a room – you know/knew it.

But do/did they have confidence in the bedroom like Dr. Ruth or Emily Morse?

Of course we don’t know unless we asked them. But I’d like to think so.

How can you crush it with confidence? It’s not as difficult as you think!

5 Steps To Ooze With Confidence In & Out Of The Bedroom

1. Give up what no longer serves you. The brain is a marvelous contraption & the soul is even more amazing. At the end of the day, your soul controls your brain – not the other way around. The ego is what tries to ruin things  – but if you let your soul have free reign, the ego doesn’t stand a chance. Been hurt in the past (and who hasn’t)? Let it go. Still feel the sting of rejection? Wave it bye-bye.

2. Show up. No matter if you are looking for confidence on a first date, the boardroom, or to try a new technique with your honey – be present. Yes. That means be in the moment. The past is in the past (unless you’re a Time Lord and have a Tardis – in that case call me) and quite frankly – who gives a fuck? No one cares if your heart was crushed. If you farted during sex with a one-night-stand. Or if you stumbled over your last presentation. All that matters is NOW. So show up for the now!

3. Knowledge is power. Want to try something new? Research it. Read about it. Ask an expert about it. Nobody is born knowing everything. So why would you feel bad about not knowing how to do something?

4. Practice doesn’t make perfect but it lands pretty damn close.  Rehearse your speech. Allow yourself to practice your new sexual technique by role-playing in your mind. Fantasize. Allow what you want to unfold. Not only will you love the mind-practice, but your engines will get revved up!

5. Set your intention. Before you enter a room or climb into bed, set your intention for what you want to accomplish. Want to give him a mind-blowing blow job? Set your Sex Goddess intention before you two get started. Want to ace the meeting and land new clients? Make sure you have your Kick Ass Goddess intention set before you enter into the meeting. Check out “The Power of Presence” for more intention tips (it’s a really good book).

No one is going to give you confidence. You have to want it and then allow it to shine!

(PS: stop by booth 202 at the ULE this weekend and say HI!)

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