5 Great Herbs For Love

5 Great Herbs For Love

The wonderful thing about using herbs for love is that there is no spell required to use them. No need to whisper a line or two of an affirmation or a prayer. All you need to do is burn the herbs like an incense or place them in a bowl (without burning) and allow the aroma to mingle with the energy.

Once the herbs hit the air (so to speak) the energy begins to go to work.

If you leave the herbs in a bowl without burning, replace the herbs monthly.

Here are a list of my five great herbs for love (minus the norm of rose and lavender):

  • Orris Root (love drawing powder – good by itself or in conjunction with other love herbs)
  • Periwinkle (best to put in a bowl under your bed to attract love & passion)
  • Plum (leave the fruit out, but eat one daily till gone)
  • Daffodil (fresh flowers in bowl or vase work best – replace when wilting)
  • Gentian (love power – good by itself or in conjunction with other love herbs)

To set the energy in motion to attract love or strengthen love does not require any lengthy rituals. All it requires is a desire and some help from some common herbs.


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