5 Date-Night Ideas To Rejuvenate Your Relationship

5 Date-Night Ideas To Rejuvenate Your Relationship

Date night. It’s a night to let loose, have some fun, and be with the one that means – or is starting to mean – something to you. The traditional date night is dinner and a movie. Sometimes a club and bar hopping might be on the agenda or even a concert or sports event.

But there are times when you need to break out of the same ole thing and create new date night memories. Here are some “out of the box” ideas that dates love.

5 Date-Night Ideas

  1. Create your own private drive-in experience – grab your laptop, a DVD, some munchies, and drive out to a romantic spot.
  2. Visit an amusement park – there’s nothing that says closeness than riding through the tunnel of love.
  3. Go to a wild, annual, festival – really go outside the box and visit a festival you normally would not have, such as mudwrestling, watermelon spiting, or mash potato cook-off!
  4. Take a class – learning about wine, beer making, or a cooking class is always a winner.
  5. Have a black-out – no electricity, no computer, no iPad, and no phone. Light some candles and see where the mood takes the two of you!

Going outside of the norm every once in awhile not only rejuvenates a date night, but it adds and/or brings back passion.

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