5 Brain Hacks to Help Boost Your Motivation

5 Brain Hacks to Help Boost Your Motivation

Research has shown that our brains are wired for two types of motivation.

We are either driven by external motivation, which is when we do something to avoid punishment or earn a reward, or we are driven by an internal motivation to achieve a goal when is when we accomplish something because it is personally rewarding. Each type of motivation can be beneficial. The secret is knowing how to access both types of motivation to overcome procrastination. Here are 5 brain hacks that will help to boost your motivation so you can get more done.

5 Brain Hacks for Increased Motivation

Access Your Bigger Purpose

If your motivation is lacking, you need to try to focus on the purpose behind what you’re doing or on how it plays into your larger goal. Focusing on the bigger goal will give you the feeling of working on something greater than yourself. It helps to provide deeper meaning into the goal that you are pursuing.

Don’t Over Think It

Overthinking can complicate an easy task because you end up anticipating unlikely problems. When you overthink a job that you are working on, it can create more pressure, which leads to more stress. This will ultimately obstruct your motivation. Research has shown that chronic anxiety and stress can shrink your brain. Having a relaxed mind will help you to be better able to focus and solve problems.

Overcome Mental Blocks

There is nothing quite as de-motivating as running up against a mental block that feels like your brain is full of glue. When you become stuck in a mental block, it is usually a symptom of being caught in a negative thought loop. To get past these mental blocks, take a deep breath, relax and let your subconscious try to find the answer.

Counter Negative Perceptions

As you begin each task, observe how you feel. Are you dreading the task? Are you anticipating it will be difficult to accomplish? This mindset will quickly kill your motivation and sap your inspiration before you can even get started. The good news is you can change your negative perceptions, just like you can train your mind to get rid of bad memories.

Strengthen Your Good Memories

You can tap into your motivation by strengthening the memories where you succeed at accomplishing your goals. When you do this, you end up enhancing and encouraging your inspiration, and ultimately your motivation.

When you lack the motivation to accomplish these goals, try these simple brain hacks to boost your motivation. With a boost in motivation, you’ll find that you can achieve everything you’ve set out to achieve.

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