4 Ways to Reduce Insecurity

4 Ways to Reduce Insecurity


Insecurity makes us feel like crap.

There are many ways insecurity can affect you. For example, if you feel insecure about yourself and your abilities you can choose to take the easy route by ‘running away.’ This means you avoid all challenges by putting in all your efforts to stay within your comfort zone in the hope that in that ‘safe’ area your insecurities will not come to haunt you. Deep down you know this is a wrong approach because as comfortable as you may feel in that zone, you cannot run from your fears forever.

Another way insecurity affects you is by putting you constantly ‘on edge’, causing you lasting bouts of anxiety especially when you are embarking on new projects or starting a new well-paying job. The anxiety will be fuelled by a lack of confidence in your abilities. Insecurity can also cause you to make wrong decisions in your relationships with other people, thereby causing a rift which will eventually isolate you from your friends and family.

Insecurity is a negative feeling, and you should resist it by facing your fears. Along the line, you may meet people who make you feel good about yourself, and you forget your insecurities at those moments. While this may work for you it is only for a while. Think about it; those people may not be there for you at all times. The battle must be won by you, and the good thing is you can do it (you just didn’t know previously).

4 Steps to Help Kick Insecurity to the Curb

Set your standards

Forget about what you see on TV or read on social media. As adults, we all know right from wrong despite what other people say. So you should set your standards without compromising your happiness in any way. Stick to your standards, and always keep reminding yourself that you are now in charge of your life.

Forget the past

Those moments when you felt really insecure and couldn’t achieve much, those days are gone. Forget about the hurt, the wrong decisions you made and all other negative experiences. You are starting on a new level, one where you are extremely comfortable with who you are.

Learn to make your decisions

Now, this is where you think carefully before making decisions. This means you will stop thinking in terms of– ‘will they like this’ but you should start asking ‘do I like it?’ and if you do like it, go for it without hesitation.  This can be a job decision or while you are making purchases etc. your decisions should be made based on your preferences.

Learn to trust your instincts

The easiest way to have confidence in your instincts is by getting information. Get more education, read books. Find a topic that interests you and learn more about the topic, watch nice movies and listen to nice music.

Getting rid of insecurity may be a gradual process for some people, but the good part is with every small victory you get stronger. So never look back.

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