4 Types of Creativity Blocks

4 Types of Creativity Blocks

creativity blocks

We’ve all had creativity blocks that threatened us to lose our mind or at least patience. Although we’ve all had them, blocks to your creativity don’t all look the same – they come in many shapes and sizes.

Recognizing the type of block is vital to the process of overcoming it.

Some are easy to form templates and routines – methods – to overcome, while others can be just as debilitating on the 300th occurrence, as they were on the first.

4 Types of Creativity Blocks


Procrastination is not the realm of the lazy and indolent – contrary to rumor. It is the genuine emotional response that blocks your thinking when it binds your emotions to an outcome too much.

It causes the sufferer to act on assumptions that limit their perspective – assumptions like they are going to make a mistake, they will never be able to finish what they started, or they are not good enough to do the job properly – no matter how much they want to.

Creativity is not always a pursuit that allows for comfort – and when someone sends long enough in discomfort, it becomes their default setting. So they find it impossible to see that the process can be an easy one – they cling to the idea that they can only be doing it right if it’s difficult – so they put off completing tasks until they have no other choice.

The only way you can overcome procrastination is to detach your feelings from the results and create a system that is so routine; you force yourself into work without even considering an alternative.

Fearing Rejection

Creative work is intensely personal, and it opens up our very thought processes to others. Putting yourself out there where it’s easy to get kicked down is a source of great emotional pain and worry for some people.

Overcoming this fear involves distancing yourself from what others think of you and surrounding yourself with mementos of praise for work you are proud of – like testimonials on your site or emails from pleased clients or bosses.

Interpersonal Issues

Workplaces can be problematic – and working from m=home might seem an ideal way to escape that issue, but it can make it worse when in the absence of human interaction you are left to figure out the meaning of particular expressions in an email that seems ambiguous.

Look at work as an escape from interpersonal issues, and you can gain the clarity you need by removing how you respond emotionally to the situation at work and the work itself.

Mind on the Money

If you don’t take care of the money you earn, you end up doubtful about your ability to make and your worth. Look after it so that you can live the life you should be living as a result of your creativity.

Never accept a situation where you feel overwhelmed by any of these types of creativity blocks – there is a way to work through it – it just takes awareness and practice.

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