Not feeling the desire for sex stinks. Especially when you truly want to have that lovin’ feeling back! One of the most fun ways to get back your sexual desire is to dance your way back to feeling sexy.

Any particular dance? Can you do the “Elaine”

(please God no)

What you can do is boogie your way through the 4 energy streams by concentrating on music that resonates with each stream.

The 4 Rhythms of Desire

1. Red Energy Stream – This is where your passion & desire (for everything – not just sex), and power to manifest reside. The call red answers to is drumming. Here’s an example:



2. Orange Energy Stream – This is where your sexual energy, abundance, & creativity is housed. The call orange answers to is the salsa. Here’s an example:



3. Yellow Energy Stream – This is where your confidence, personal power, and self-esteem reside.  The call yellow answers to is a march. Here’s an example:



4. Green/Pink Energy Stream – This is where love & peace reside. The call green/pink answers to is choral. Here’s an example:


Create a playlist of a song for each energy stream. When you need to feel sexual desire, play your songs on repeat until you can feel the fires burning within you!

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