3yr Anniversary About Bill and Divinely Inspired Meetings!

3yr Anniversary About Bill and Divinely Inspired Meetings!

I have felt this intense pull to get me to do a session since yesterday evening. But I had too much to do and kept telling the feeling to go away. Well – it didn’t and my work load never let up either. Maybe if I had just given in last night my work load may not have been so heavy today:)

I’m sitting her at my keyboard typing away for this session – I hope to catch all the mistakes before I post:)

I am dawn into a meadow – my meadow – and the birds are singing so sweetly – butterflies are in the air. I’m looking around and I see Cindy come up to me and ask me if I’m ready yet? Before I can answer, Clive arrives and tells me that I must make haste – get along straight away he says and pats me on the butt. I’m walking and there are many people just standing around – they all look dressed up like this is a formal occasion. I look down at myself and I’m in my bare feet and in a white bath robe – a very comfortable robe I may add. I peek under the robe and it doesn’t look like I have much on. The more I look around the more it looks like a wedding.
I see Brigit off to my right – she smiles and waves me over. As I’m moving towards her, I look over to an archway of white flowers and I see Bill. He looks at me and gives me a smile that would melt what’s left of the Artic ice cap. I stop in my tracks. He looks so….radiant. Brigit tugs at my arm, we exchange pleasantries and without a warning – she grabs my hand and we disappear into a cloud. I asked her – why did she do that? She tells me that I saw all I am to see at the moment.

We emerge and I’m in – I want to say – India. I ask – why am I here? She nods over to the right and I see Ted. From a distance he looks very handsome – I know my breath catches in my throat. Brigit pulls me closer and I can see how tired he looks. He is worn out, dog tired. Without even thinking I immediately go to him and place my hands on his shoulders. My hands warm up to an unreal heat and there is a white/yellow and purple light pouring from my hands into his body. I can tell his life force is getting a much needed charge. He stands and I take my hands from him. He mentions that he needs to place a call and goes to a satellite phone. He dials – waits and then says – Hey. Brigit grabs my hand again and I am off into the clouds.

She takes me to the ocean and points. I see a dolphin. She tells me to grab on. As I wade out to meet the dolphin I am suddenly surrounded by a jungle. I have a male lion staring right at me, as well as a jaguar, black panther and a cougar. I know that I love cats – but I’ve never been surrounded by them before. At first I’m nervous. I then hear a soft voice tell me not to be afraid. For some reason, I sit down. All of the animals lie around me. The jaguar lays his head on my lap and playfully paws at me.

This scene dissolves around me and I am back in the clouds with Merlin standing there. I tell him – I always knew you were real. He laughs. I ask what an honor it is to be in his presence – and then ask why. He tells me that it is time. Time for what I ask. He waves his hand in front of my face and an energy surge goes through my body. Afterwards – I’m not drained – just the opposite. I ask him if he just unlocked a gift. He tells me that he has helped me rediscover. Of course I have to ask what? He smiles and says that I’ve always known. I stare at him and his staff goes from his hand to me. He smiles. I smile back. I ask if there is anything else (and I give him back his staff) – he tells me again that I already know – I’ve used two, but another has been revealed. With that he disappears.

Archangel Raphael arrives in his place. I tell him that this is a very busy session – I’m being visited by many. Jesus arrives and comments that the time is right for it to be. I tell him that I wish someone would just talk plain English and tell me what is going to happen. Jesus kisses me on top of the head. Archangel Raphael is joined by Archangels Michael, Uriel, Haniel and Jeremiel. They blow me a kiss and as they fade form view I hear Raphael say that I must finish up.

That was it.

Now since today is the 3 year anniversary of my discovery of my connection to Bill – maybe this is why I had such a Divine presence today? I mean I had many Archangels, Bill, Ted, Clive, Cindy, Brigit, Jesus, Merlin and a host of animal guides. I get this message for me not to worry. To flow. To trust. To focus on now.

With as tired as I am (up at 4:00 am for a trip to Wal-Mart – long story short, my son needed a shirt for preschool today, my husband was supposed to pick it up after work. He didn’t – so at 4:00 am when I found out – I just got up as I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep) my mind is very alert now.

Since I was just a wee kid I had dreams about me being able to move objects with my mind. Not just a pencil – but larger objects. I wonder????

I’m pretty darn proud of myself! Over the weekend I got my section done on Flower Essence: http://www.gypsyadvice.com/flower_essences.htm I did it in one night – way past my bedtime. Thankfully Archangel Raphael’s energy stayed with me! Now I can use another infuse so I can get everything else done this week;)

Have a great day!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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