Telepathic sex is more than energy sex. It’s a way to connect to your honey – no matter if you are currently in a relationship with him/her or not.

If you are new to me and to telepathic sex, let me give you a quick overview of what it is:

Telepathic sex is the conscious ability to connect to another person/s using personal energy & imagination to share an intimate connection.

The intimate connection can be anywhere from hand holding to penetrative sex. It’s up to the ones involved in the connection to determine the path it will follow.

Engaging in telepathic sex with your honey not only increases your sexual energy & desire – but deepens the heart connection with your partner. It’s a win-win.

So you’ve got the WHY you should add telepathic sex to your intimate routine – now here’s…

3 Ways To Add Telepathic Sex To Your Relationship

  1. Add it while the two of you are apart – maybe at work. Using telepathic sex as foreplay gets you both in the mood so when you’re home together – sex IS on your mind!
  2. Add it when you two are not getting along. An intimate connection such as this goes around the ego and straight to the heart. It helps to heal wounds. Plus it makes make up sex even better!
  3. Add it to attract the right partner or to find a partner if you are in a sexless relationship (with no chance of turning that around).

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  1. nowayaround

    Hi Allie, I’m reading your book right now and thought maybe you could help to sort this out: there is this guy I’ve got a crush on. I see him several times a week at my lunch break. The strangest things happen when he is around: energy shift in my stomach, raise in energy, when he looks me in the eye I feel as if he can see deep into my soul. Sometimes I can feel him around me (when he is nowhere around). And most of the time I know beforehand if he will show up. But: I tried to contact him via texts and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. Can it be that he subconsciously is contacting me telepathically but with his rational mind shuns me? I’m quite confused! What can I do?

    1. Allie

      Thanks for reading the book! I hope you’re finding it useful. To answer your question – yes – his subconscious can contact you. It’s his soul bypassing his conscious to connect to you. I know it’s confusing as hell! What you can do is nothing. His subconscious is contacting you. You’ve tried to contact him via text & he hasn’t responded. The ball is in his court. Hope this helps!

  2. nowayaround

    Hi Allie, at least now I know I’m not insane! If his soul tries to contact me, does this mean he’s in my soul group/soul mate/ or even twin soul? Or can you have this kind of connection with just anybody?
    I can’t wait for your book on twin flames and soul mates coming out! When is it due?
    Thank you!

    1. Allie

      So sorry — I just read your comment! If a soul tries to contact you and he/she gets through the 1st block (your soul automatically blocks anyone you do not know from this life or a past life) so that you consciously feel that someone is there – then it is a soul connection. He would be a soul mate and your twin flame or only one of your soul mates. Soulful connections will be out this summer. I have a site for twin flames/soul mates at: where I write a post each week!

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