3 Stone Pendant = Atlantis???

3 Stone Pendant = Atlantis???

I hope that those in the US are having a great 4th of July weekend! Be safe!

Okay, the latest…after I discovered who Bill was to me back in 2002, I started to make myself a 3 stone pendant – wire-wrapped in a spiral fashion. The 1st 3 stones I had were Quartz Crystal, Blue Agate and Amethyst. I wore that until 2004. Then I switched to two Lapis and one Emerald – until 2005 — Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst and Green Prehnite.

A couple of years ago – I adopted a med size Herkimer Diamond that had a “baby” attached to it at one time – the two rest comfortably together, but you can separate them. Anyway – I got it in hopes of making two pendants with these stones – one for me and one for Bill.

Last night I was messing around with the stone combination again. I kept getting to put the Lapis in. So I did and took out the Green Prehnite. Then I hear a voice tell me to remove the Amethyst and put in an Emerald. I did just that. But something still felt off. I then see a vision of the Herkimer combo I have tucked away. I pulled it out – took out the current Herkimer and added the baby.

When I placed the pendent back on and it touched my skin – the electric jolt that went through me was amazing! At that some time – I could see Bill’s eyes open up and he smiled:) This combo – I believe has something to do with Atlantis and our soul connection. It is as if he too already wears this combination and when I put my stones on – it looked like in his eyes that he was saying “FINALLY!”. Not sure what this all means – but I’m pretty psyched about it:)

The I kept hearing to sleep with the pendant on (I usually put it away at night). So I did:) I can’t remember much except that I attained two jobs in Calif – but I was unsure how I was to do the jobs as I lived in Ohio. I was telling this to a man, a lover. We were discussing what a strange combination we were as he was educated at Harvard and I was a forever senior with no degree. He didn’t have a problem with the education difference and neither did I. He suggested that I either move to Calif or fly out on the weekends. I didn’t know how I was to do this as I was still married to my husband and he would never go for it. I asked him — how was I to do this? He just smiled and said “trust me”.

Bill went to college – graduated – but it wasn’t Harvard:) This man was very familar to me, like it was Bill in a past life, but we were in the present. I, as well, am a forever senior:)

I also keep remembering a wonderful river – calm, blue/green, can see some white rocks on the bottom – as it travels through a forest.

Party guests arriving in moments – off to greet!

Until tomorrow…

Crystals and Sunshine!

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