3 Steps To Answering Prosperity’s Call

3 Steps To Answering Prosperity’s Call

moneyProsperity — does it beckon your attention or does is silently slip by – unnoticed? It should be the first one as there is more than enough prosperity to go around. But most people will pick the latter. And guess what? You’re not alone. People are taught from a very young age that there is only so much to go around. What you take, someone else misses. Remember the parent comment, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” We’re programmed to believe that there is a scarcity. No such thing. There is plenty to go around and more – we just need to answer prosperity’s call.


3 Steps To Answering Prosperity’s Call


  1. (Discover) Ask yourself the hard question – what is your attitude towards money? Search within for your answer. It’s likely buried deep within – an attitude left over from childhood.
  2. (Release) Once you have the “ah-ha” moment from answering #1 – ask the Universe (God, angels, guides, your Aunt Martha – whomever you want) to take away your limiting beliefs. You’re done with them.
  3. (Attract) Repeat to yourself AT LEAST 3x daily: “I am a magnet to wealth and prosperity, there is enough for all.” Have a business? You can instead say, “I am a magnet for well-paying clients.” Personally when I’m repeating something like this – I say it whenever I have a brain calming moment (like taking the dogs out potty) or when I have a worried thought about money (How am I going to pay the mortgage?).

Then allow the prosperity to flow to you.

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