13 Ways To Romance Your Man

13 Ways To Romance Your Man

Men loved to be romanced. Men also loved to be served. Ladies, to serve for your partner with gestures that he would find romantic, give him a “coupon” (or a book of coupons) and let him know what you are willing to do for him whenever he wants to redeem one. He’ll get his romantic service while you stay in control. Make sure he knows that each coupon can be used only once. Also if a lead time is needed, let him know.

Consider presenting him with coupons offering some of these services:

  1. Rub your back.
  2. Rub your feet.
  3. Massage you all over.
  4. Prepare and serve your favorite meal.
  5. Relieve you of one chore today.
  6. Wash your car.
  7. Polish your shoes.
  8. Prepare dinner for your friends.
  9. Accompany you to a sports event.
  10. Input your report on the computer.
  11. Spend an hour with you without talking.
  12. Take you out to dinner.
  13. Have sex your way (refer to something specific that he’s been wanting and you’re willing to do).

If you can discover what he wants and answer his inner desires, he’ll feel that he’s in control.

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