Sexual exploits in the bedroom is so yesterday’s news. Sure the bed is soft and inviting. But is it fun ALL of the time? Hell no! Every once in a while a couple needs to spice things up. Here are my picks for 13 sensual places for sex!

13 Sensual Places for Sexual Exploits

  1. Any other room in the house. Seriously. The family room on the recliner while you watch the evening news. How about the dinning room table? The kitchen counters or floor? Stairs. Attic. The shower after a good mutual scrub down. Anywhere other than the bedroom works.
  2. Outside. The patio furniture. Under the oak tree. Behind the bushes. In the garden. The thrill alone of MAYBE getting caught adds some much needed spice!
  3. Elevator. In the apartment building. On the way to see friends. CNN Tower in Toronto close to closing time. While full on sex in an elevator is usually reserved for the movies, foreplay in an enclosed place where you might get caught is tantalizing!
  4. The car. The same transportable sex cocoon from high school. Sexual exploits here will take you back to when you were both a bit younger — and a hit of returned virility.
  5. The office. One of you surprise the other with a packed lunch with you as dessert.
  6. Parties. Tease one another all night with sexy sultry glances and secretly roving hands! Then slip off to the host’s bathroom and have a little naughty fun!
  7. Meet at a hotel bar for drinks or in the lobby. Then head up to the room (reserved by one, a surprise for the other).
  8. Secluded spot in the country. Ever make love on a blanket in the middle of a corn field? Try it!
  9. Arrange to take your love to a friend’s apartment or home while they are gone for the day (or weekend). Having sex on someone else’s couch or bed is exciting. Just remember to change the sheets!
  10. Dressing room. Who doesn’t need help trying on clothes?
  11. Beach. Sex on the sand is sooooo sensual after skinny dipping in the moonlight. Tip – a blanket on the sand instead of skin on sand or you’ll be finding sand in all the wrong places!
  12. Hot tub. Either your hot tub. A friend’s hot tub. Or rent a private room with a hot tub.
  13. Planes & trains! Sure everyone has heard of the mile high club. But getting into an airline bathroom without being interrupted is difficult. Trains off a great way to take advantage of the rocking back and forth of the trains’ movements down the track.
The thrill of unexpected or “naughty” sex is a big turn-on and worth every effort or inconvenience it may cause. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.
What are some of your favorite sensual places for sexual exploits? Let me know below in the comments!

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