13 Points, Ancient Civilizations and the Guys!

13 Points, Ancient Civilizations and the Guys!

I have a major flipin` headache. Why? Because I was told by my higher self to do so. Right now the three stones are petalite, tektite and celesite. In a nutshell these 3 stones will align and strengthen my energy body and it’s ethereal connection, open a direct link to ancient civilizations and to other universal worlds, help the kundalini energy move, expand my crown chakra – plus strengthen all of my gifts many times over.

I bet you’re thinking now why would her higher self ask her to do that? Good question! Let’s see if I can remember it all in a cohesive fashion….

When concentrating on Todd and Rick – there is a third party that seems to crop up. His name is Daniel. He annoys me. He appears to be self-righteous and just really it’s all about “him”. Not my cup of tea. So today I got pissed that he butted in once again. I took out my deck of oracle cards “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” and drew 3 cards. I can’t remember which cards I drew – but the message was that I had to invite him into the light and allow him to connect – to do so would transcend him and I onto the next level of our paths. My higher self told me to get my healing wand and connect.

I grabbed my wand and concentrated on Daniel. It was amazing how fast he came into view.  He asked me who I was and what I wanted. I told him my name and that I was there to help bring him into the light – that his ego had taken over. He was to be on the path to enlightenment and I was to connect him to it. He didn’t believe. We talked back and forth for a spell – with every second of our conversation – the energy in the wand grew. My hands felt like little fireworks were going off in my palms.

I reached out my hand to Daniel and he finally took it. As soon as that happened a spectacular light surrounded us. Todd and Rick stepped out and flanked Daniel. As the three of them stood there – I heard “Triad”. The thought then developed that the three of them were a group – just as Bill, Will and Ted are a group. I then saw 2 things that I drew out, scanned and uploaded – please excuse my drawings – I have no artistic drawing talents. What I saw was perfectly aligned.

If you notice – each drawing has 13 points. One point in the center and the 12 around it. In each of the 12 points – the drawing on the left – there are 4 sections of three – in the shape of a triangle with the point facing out. The drawing on the right – the points are facing in.

I’m the point in the center. Up top it’s Todd, Rick and Daniel. At the bottom it’s Bill, Will and Ted. To the left Vincent, George and Kyle. To the right, Thomas, Tom and Johnny.

What does all this mean? Beats the hell out of me. This is why it was highly suggested that I wear the three stones. Oh – the stones also strength astral travel like it’s no ones business. I’m expected to sleep with this on — I don’t know about that. I’d actually like to sleep.

As far as I know I’ve never talked about Tom or Johnny. I’ll be getting every reacquainted with the familiar guys and introducing more of the new guys. Next phase of my path. This includes the editing of the soul mate story (someone else’s story) that I have to finish before Christmas. It’s a must do in order for the next step to emerge on this new level of my path.

I think it’s going to get rather wild:)

Have a good night!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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