12 Steps to an Energetic Life!

12 Steps to an Energetic Life!

Who doesn’t want to live an energetic life? People who live energetically are happy, healthy, and content with whatever they have. You want that right – to be happy? I haven’t met a person who doesn’t want that. The roads that take a person to happiness are as varied as the people on the planet. But one thing they ALL have in COMMON is that they are living an energetic life.

So how do you do it, how do you live an energetic life? By implementing the following steps. How fast or how slow your life shifts is in your hands. How bad do you want it to change? Can happen in a 3 months or 5 years. Personally – I like the 3 months!

12 Steps to an Energetic Life

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Their path is different from your path. Your gifts are different from their gifts. Stop moaning – groaning – and complaining. As simple as this step sounds, it is the 2nd most difficult one to implement. We’re groomed to compare – that is how advertisers sell us things (we usually do not need).
  2. Stop beating yourself up. Emotionally and mentally. This is the 1st most difficult one to implement because it directly ties in with the 1st step above. Eliminate comparison and you drastically reduce the urge to tell yourself that your are a lazy piece of dog poo.
  3. Put the past where it belongs – and leave it there.
  4. Now that the mental and emotional trash is taken care of — let’s get to planning! Make 3 columns on a piece of paper (yes, actual paper and not the computer or tablet). At the top of each column – write something that will make you happy. Example: Find True Love. Achieve Wealth. Improve Health.
  5. In each column, off the top of your head (no filtering), write down at least THREE traits/emotional connections/feelings that make up each of the column headings. For example: Find True Love: self-confidence, open-minded, spiritual, love. Achieve Wealth: security, freedom, fun. Improve Health: energy, weight loss, vitality.
  6. Now in each column, write down at least THREE hows of how you are going to achieve getting what will make you happy. For example: True Love: join one or two online dating sites, go to local single events, travel out-of-state more often. Achieve Wealth: start business, write books, start radio show. Improve Health: throw out all packaged food, cook from scratch, join the YMCA.
  7. Grab your calendar. This can be online/offline – whichever you use.
  8. Here you can go all in or go slow. You know you and how change overwhelms you. Some people can do a few changes at once, others only one. Remember – you are unique and what other people do or do not do is not your concern. Let’s keep it simple. Pick one of the three columns for implementation.
  9. On at least one day each week for the next 3 weeks, write in the change you want to make. For example: week 1 – Monday – join an online dating site, week 2 – Friday – go to local singles event, week 3 – Wednesday – make out-of-state travel plans. Keep repeating the trio – week 4 – join another site, week 5 – go to another singles event, week 6 – go out-of-state, etc…
  10. Add to the changes – after week 3 – the next group. For example: week 4 – Tuesday – research business ideas, week 5 – Wednesday – write book outline, week 6 – Thursday – sign up for blogtalk account. Keep repeating the trio: week 7 – Tuesday – decide on business, week 8 – Wednesday – write 250 words, week 9 – Thursday – do a test show.
  11. Add in the 3rd set of changes – while you’re still moving forward with the other two sets of changes. By the time you get to week 9 – all three change columns should be in full swing. Remember – you can implement all 3 changes in week one – but it can get overwhelming to do all that change at once. If you do not write it down, it’s not happening because in your mind it’s not real yet. So the writing down of what you want and then writing it again in a calendar makes you accountable.
  12. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Once you’re satisfied with the changes you made from the 1st 3 columns, then add in a few more and repeat the steps. Change things up on the original three. If one dating site isn’t working, join a different one. If you’re not meeting anyone when you go out, change-up where you go out.

The only person that keeps you chained to a un-energetic life is you.

Here’s a good article I found on how to develop a habit – which is what you are doing above – developing positive habits so that your energy shifts and you grab the life you desire.

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