Telepathic sex is wondrous for bringing on the orgasmic flow. The connection between souls is uplifting and energizing. You’ve read posts on my wonderful adventures, energy signatures, and loads of tips to help make your orgasmic experience even better. But I haven’t told you everything, not yet at least. Here are several telepathic tid bits I’ve left off — until now!

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Telepathic Sex

  1. The energy generated during telepathic sex opens all the chakras simultaneously giving you several hours of added energy.
  2. Ending on an orgasmic note cleanses your chakras.
  3. Telepathic sex is possible if your partner is asleep. To you it is telepathic, to them it is a dream.
  4. Each time you connect to the same person after the initial connection, it gets easier to do.
  5. Using sex toys during telepathic sex gives it an “in-person” feel. Better yet if you own a fuck machine.
  6. Telepathic sex orgies are completely doable and loads of orgasmic fun.
  7. Since everything is composed of energy and living things have the highest energy, there isn’t any living ting you couldn’t have telepathic sex with – example: tree, river.
  8. You will find your twin flame & soul mates (I did)!
  9. Strengthening your sex center or sacral chakra with telepathic sex opens up your heart chakra, allowing you to experience more intimate in-person relationships.
  10. A quick telepathic sex connection super-charges your immune system.
  11. Directly your energy during & immediately following a telepathic sex session towards a certain thoughts (money, career, car, etc..) maximizes your law of attraction/manifestation power.

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