10 Cheap Ways To Rekindle Passion – Part Two

10 Cheap Ways To Rekindle Passion – Part Two

Rekindling passion should be a priority for many couples. Unfortunately though, it’s not. Between children, jobs, friends, family and FaceBook (come on, you know you’re addicted), it’s easy to loose track of your spouse or partner. Once you loose track, unless you wake up and catch it, the relationship falls down to boredomville. We all know what happens when a relationship hits this — you are now either roommates, friends or strangers. The relationship is then primed for someone to have an affair.

Save yourself the cost of a divorce lawyer, and use your cash to instead keep the passion alive in your relationship.

I wrote part one awhile ago. If you haven’t read it – check it out here: 10 Cheap Ways To Rekindle Passion

Here are some more tips to keep your relationship passion alive:

  • For an evening, be silly like kids again. When we’re children we laugh and carry on like we do not have a care in the world. Try it for a few hours, it’ll put you in a playful mood.
  • Give an “out of the box” gift. Meaning give a gift that is not practical, yet inexpensive.Something that revolves around their interests.
  • Grab some squirt guns and have a battle. Sure, this can combine into the first suggestion. But being naked playing with water really is in it’s own category.
  • With almond oil (it’s inexpensive) massage one another, taking turns,
  • Cook a meal together at least once a week.
  • If cold weather is part of your life, do your honey a favor and start their car for them. What does this have to do with passion? A grateful partner will probably show you that this gesture is appreciated.
  • Go on a picnic together. If it’s too cold outside, the living room floor is a perfect replacement.
  • Pick wildflowers (not your neighbor’s prize roses) and give them to your partner.
  • One date a month – let your partner pick the whole evening out. Then on another date a month – you get to pick out the whole evening.
  • Share a sexy movie, at home, without any cell phones, computers or children around to interrupt.

Rekindling passion does not take a bottomless bank account. What it does take though, is desire and love for your partner and the relationship you two have built together.

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