Telepathic Sex

What Is Telepathic Sex?


Telepathic sex is the anywhere, anytime method of sexual exploration and enhancement! All you need is your mind, your energy and another energy (person) to connect.

But before you dive in, you have to understand how to swim. To master telepathic sex, you must understand how to connect telepathically.


What is a Telepathic Connection?


Telepathy is the energetic transfer of touch, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings and sound. A Telepathic Connection is the energy bond that connects two or more minds into the same energetic wave length to utilize telepathy.

Communication between people without a word being spoken is a natural gift that spans centuries. Our mind, like radio or TV towers, emits and steadily receives electrical energies. We cannot see this happening, but we know that it happens as when we flip on a TV or radio our program “magically” appears it seems, out of thin air!

Our minds work exactly the same way. We broadcast emotions, moods, thoughts, attitudes, fragments of our personality unknowingly every day. Everything that emits energy also absorbs energy. Meaning, that with practice we can learn to read and speak to one another without ever moving our mouths!

A stranger cannot listen in on your private thoughts, nor can you act like a psychic spy and barrel in to retrieve another person’s thoughts. We all have a natural force field, or barrier that protects our thoughts from others. We do not have to think about it for it to be there as it is as automatic as a sunrise. However, we can give people permission to read our minds by mentally lowering this field by simply telling ourselves to do so.

Telepathy uses a combination of process to work. Your two psychic sensors; your solar plexus chakra and your temporal lobes (located on either side of the head just above ear level), which are both in direct connection to your astral energy field and all 5 of your senses.

You can use all of the above processes at once to connect. But it is easier and more effective if you use your temporal lobes first, then your solar plexus and lastly the rest of your 5 senses. Why? Because your temporal lobes are the transmitter/receiver for the telepathic communications, your solar plexus give you that feeling that it is an actual connection and not in your mind and your senses keep it real.

For example with Allie — if she connects to Will, first she hears his voice and then gets a zap of energy or warmth that starts in her solar plexus and spreads outwards, that lets her know it is true connection and not something she ate. She then allows the 5 senses join together to make this a physical experience.

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How Does Telepathic Sex Occur?


Telepathic sex happens just like physical sex, only his or her physical body is not in front of you. Instead, you’re in a pure energy form and what happens to that energy directly affects the physical body. Once the telepathic connection is secure, you use your mind to direct your energy to kiss, fondle, engage in oral sex, or sexual intercourse with your partner.

Can you close your eyes and imagine kissing someone? If so, then telepathic sex will not be too difficult for you to master.

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