Sex Into Romance Spell

When you want to shift a sexual relationship into a romantic relationship – give this a try!

Do this during the a full moon:

  1. Take the sheets that you just used for sexual exploration with your partner and cut out two dolls to represent you two. The more of both of your sexual body fluids you can get in the dolls the better.
  2. Write your name on your doll – their name on their doll.
  3. On top of one doll (doesn’t matter which one) place the herbs: rose petals, rosemary, orris root, lavender, and vervain.
  4. Place the other doll on top so that they are “face to face”. Sew them together with red ribbons, so that you now have a herbal poppet.
  5. Wrap the dolls in orange or yellow velvet. If you cannot find either – red velvet will do.
  6. Slip the poppet under the mattress on the side the other person usually sleeps (if they stay over) or where they normally climb onto the bed.

Replace every 3 months.

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