Energy, Will, And!

Happy Sunday everyone! Just a few things I wanted to mention while I was thinking about it. Most of you find me either because of OBE (astral, dream, telepathy) or magic. The number one reason you guys seek me out is because of energy – something that I am excellent at and an expert in. Therefore I am shifting my focus.

Energy is going to be at the heart of what I do. It’s so stupid that it wasn’t before. It was staring me in the face the whole time. DUH. I needed something to lead me to a “ah-ha” moment and it did!

So major changes will be coming to the site. It’s going to take awhile and go in stages. I will have a sections for OBE/OBE sex, Energy Blending (love, career, money, spiritual)/Soul Mates/Twin Flames, Magic. I of course will still give my advice, as well as coaching. I’m going to be adding OBE coaching to the mix. Yes – that means I connect with you to help you master it. Plus books, classes, and workshops.


And Will. He’s single. Do I really need to add anything? I didn’t think so.

(for those who have been following me for awhile – you know you want more Will stories!)

Here’s to a week briming with possiblities!

Allie xo

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