Bliss: 10 Signs That Your Partner Is Not Over The Ex!

We’ve all been there at some point in time. Either we’re the one in a new relationship who isn’t over our ex — or it’s them who are not over the ex. Trying to be in a relationship when someone is not over the ex is pointless as it will never mature into something more than what it currently is. If any of these signs point to you or your current partner, take a time-out and evaluate.

10 Signs That Your Partner Is Not Over The Ex

  1. They do not shut up about the ex. Much of what you do or do not do is compared to the ex.
  2. They never mention the ex – no matter what. While this may seem like a good thing, it could be because he or she feels guilty about still having feelings for them.
  3. Online stalkerville. Online stalking of anyone is a bad idea. But when it’s an ex……that’s really bad.
  4. Too much contact with the ex. If they have children together that’s one thing (but you can still go overboard). If there are no kids or pets to discuss, then they are chatting for other reasons you do not need or want.
  5. They yell the ex’s name during sex. Yeah – this is just bad. End of story.
  6. Keeping mementos. Looking at keepsakes is part of the healing process. But having them a stone-throws away from daily life (like in a bedroom dresser) is not a good thing.
  7. Hot and cold. If your partner is turning your romance into a hot and cold flip flop, it could be because they are experiencing inner turmoil about the break-up.
  8. Not ready to commit. This isn’t always a bad thing. But if someone tells you that they love you but they are not ready to go to the next step – it could be because they are thinking what might have been.
  9. Trouble with sex. Not being able to get an erection or have an orgasm could mean that there is emotional turmoil about a past relationship.
  10. Gut feeling. Never – ever – ignore your gut feeling. If you feel inside that they are hung up on the ex. The odds are high that you are correct.

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