Allie Theiss Show: Psychic and Motivational Coach Amy Tammen

Join Allie tonight from 8 – 9 pm as she welcomes psychic and motivational coach Amy Tammen to talk about transformative intuitive coaching and free readings!

Stick around for the 2nd hour 9 – 10 pm as it’s free for all with Allie – no topic is off the list, from Atlantis to Reiki to UFO’s! Allie takes your calls and chat room comments!


Amy Tammen is a motivational coach, spiritual teacher and a highly gifted intuitive. As a lifelong psychic, she has spent many years developing her connection to the Spirit realm. Amy uses wisdom brought forth by her Spirit Guides, psychic feeling , oracle cards and numerology to provide her clients with transformative intuitive coaching. She is the creator of Seeker Circle, a weekly email reading subscription. Since the birth of her business in 2010, Amy has worked with over 4000 clients.  Amy hosts the weekly radio program, The Healing Clinic on Blog Talk Radio and can be found spreading love and empowerment at

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