8 Great Ways To Fight Fair

Face it, when people fight they can be down right rotten. Names are called, things are said that cannot be unsaid once spoken. Many and I mean MANY relationships have fallen apart because the couple did not understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to fight. When you fight with the person you love, you want to make sure that tomorrow is another day together.

8 Great Ways To Fight Fair

  • Go to bed angry. Yep – I said it. Go to bed mad. Why? Because it will give you and your partner a time to cool off and gather your thoughts before the next round. Bad things are said in the heat of the moment. Take the heat out of it.
  • Step back and breathe. That’s right – leave the room for a bit. Can be a minute or an hour. Again – you’re taking the heat out of the argument.
  • Own up to your part of the fight. It’s hard to show empathy towards your partner during a fight because most people take it as a sign of weakness. It’s not. It shows strength when you can look at your hand in the situation.
  • Find your sense of humor. The actual fight isn’t funny, but maybe behind the fight is funny. Finding humor in any situation helps to diffuse that situation – including a fight.
  • No name calling. You may think he’s an ass or a bitch on wheels – but don’t say it. Once you start name calling the fight takes a deeper – uglier – turn.
  • Time-out touching. There gets to be a pint when words stop working. Just shut up and touch one another.
  • Kick “but” to the curb. No saying the word BUT in a fight. When you say BUT everything you said before BUT you take back. It’s very counterproductive.
  • Importance. Remember what is important. Is the car being in a fender-bender or the underwear on the floor the most important thing? No. The relationship is what’s important.

In every bad fight there is a winner and a loser. In a good fight, there are two winners. Always strive to have you both come out on top.

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