6 Flower Essences For Sexual Desire

Life has a habit of knocking us up and dragging us down. When you’re in a relationship, it is difficult to always be ready for sex when your partner is ready. Especially if you and your partner are not getting along very well. Give these flower essences a try the next time sex is on the menu and you are not very hungry.

Six Flower Essences for Desire

  • Blackberry – brings desire into manifestation.
  • Lady’s Slipper – lack of sexual desire due to exhaustion and depletion.
  • Fawn Lily – to develop intimate and warm contact with others.
  • Water Violet – inability to establish intimate contact.
  • Alpine Lily – full engagement if female energies in sexual expression.
  • Basil – to integrate sexuality and spirituality in a love relationship.

Place a 3 – 4 drops of the flower essence into a small glass of water and drink. Can be done 3 – 4x a day.

Flower essences work with a person’s energy field. They do not interfere with medications.

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