Helping Women Transform Into Sexual Powerhouses By Igniting Their Desire! 

I work with remarkable women like you who have forgotten what it feels like to have sexual power pumping through your bodies.

An Optimal Sex Drive Attracts:

good health

more money

more opportunities

personal power & confidence

tantalizing creativity

deeper intimacy

soul-to-soul love

and toe-curling, orgasmic screaming, blood-pumping energy.

I help you reestablish your Kick-Ass Goddess status through energy, flower essences, stones/crystals, essential oils, intuitive insight, energy-specific food & drink, Feng Shui, and some good ole practical (but not necessarily textbook) methods. 


Why You Should Care About ‘Pink Viagra’

Women losing desire, whether permanent or temporary, has been high on the “quick fix” track of pharmaceutical companies since the hit of the “little blue pill” for men – Viagra. Because, you know, the companies feel that it’s a biological problem on why desire wanes – like men and blood…


The 4 Rhythms of Desire

Not feeling the desire for sex stinks. Especially when you truly want to have that lovin’ feeling back! One of…