3 Steps To Orgasmic Living

Orgasmic Living

Orgasmic living isn’t a myth. Nor is it the fodder for tasteless late night jokes. Orgasmic living is living life where everything gives you the feelings an orgasm produces: delight, sensuality, love, radiance, joy, energized, excitement, well-being, abundance, magical, turned on, sexiness, powerful, and soulful. It puts you in touch with the DIVINE YOU. Danielle … Read more…

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Ask Allie: Can You Make It Rain Money?

Ask Allie

July 21, 2014 Holistic Sex Coach & Kick-Ass Intuitive – blending Soul Energy with Sexuality! www.AllieTheiss.com **Show's Format** * Introduction * Topic: Can You Make It Rain Money? * Holistic Item of the Week: Malachite * Closing remarks Finding the ONE: Twin Flames + Telepathic Sex: http://allietheiss.com/landing/attracting-one-twin-flame-telepathic-sex-6-week-intensive/ Allie’s Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/allietheiss MP3 File

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