Who Here Wants Orgasmic Sex?

Female_HandRaisedCome on – raise your hand – let me see it!

Can I have a HELL YA?!


Don’t be shy — you’re a feminine orgasmic powerhouse and you SHOULD want to have better sex in your life.

But by the time you push out a few kids or find yourself  in your mid-40′s, you think the best sex is behind you.

I’m here to tell you HELL NO SISTER!

You can still get in it on, like Bang a Gong (if you have no clue what song I’m referring to – we really need to talk). allietheiss (2)

How do I know? Because I’m Allie, I’m 47, I’m kicking it in perimenapause (everyone say – HI ALLIE), and I’M HAVING FANTASTIC SEX (yes, I’ve earned the right to shout that)!

There isn’t anything I offer that I haven’t taken for an extended test drive.

My favorite test drive is Out of Body Ecstasy: The Anywhere, Anytime Orgasmic Experience

I’ve also tripped the light fantastic with Energy 180 & the Desire Package.

Ohhhhh…did I just hear that you’re single and that’s why your sex life is treading toilet water?

Guess what? Me too! So that’s a lame ass excuse.

But if being single is really giving you sleepless nights – may I suggest Attracting the ONE (Twin Flames & Telepathic Sex) or straight-up love/sex coaching w/Amore Coaching. 

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not your ordinary run-of-the-mill sex coach. You can learn textbook sex from well – a textbook – or someone who practices straight-from-a-book-to-your-vagina-coaching.

I work with toe-curling, orgasmic screaming, blood-pumping energy. It just so happens that by working with your energy, your physical body does scream out with orgasmic release. It’s a byproduct of the work we do – but I’m sure you won’t mind. 

I don’t do Tantra – never studied it – and I don’t plan to. I know some amazing Tantric practitioners, I’m just not one of them. However, the energy work I will teach you will be just as electrifying + as intimate — and will not take you as long to go from point A to a sizzling point O. 

I work with your energy, flower essences, stones/crystals, essential oils, intuitive insight, and some good ole practical (but not necessarily textbook) methods. 

Want to hang out? Join the circle of fabulous women who receive juicy tips, tools, passion breaks, and energy play and receive 3 Tips to Boost Your Sexual Energy!

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

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