Helping Women Transform From Sexless Beings To Sexual Powerhouses By Waking Up Their Desire! 

I work with remarkable women like you who have forgotten what it feels like to have sexual power pumping through your bodies.

Optimal Sexual Desire Attracts:

good health

more money

better opportunities

astounding creativity

CEO confidence

deeper intimacy

soul-to-soul love

and toe-curling, orgasmic screaming, blood-pumping energy.

You and I will reestablish your Kick-Ass Goddess status through energy, flower essences, stones/crystals, essential oils, intuitive insight, energy-specific food & drink, Feng Shui, and some good ole practical (but not necessarily textbook) methods. 

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FREE Desire Webinar!

Are you a woman who finds that you spend more time in your head than in-between the sheets? Well that’s a damn shame – isn’t it? Remember back to when you were hungry like the wolf and could fuck like it was the summer of 69? Desire that flowed through you like Niagara Falls? I know I did – and… Read more →


Having It All Deadens Your Sex Drive!

We want to have it all – great career, kids (pets or both), travel, romance, and great sex. For as long as I can remember women are pushed to believe that we can have it all. The great career, the love of our life, & fantastic sex. In theory it is doable. All of it. When you have the right… Read more →

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Ask Allie: The Love List

Aug 25, 2014 Transformational Sex Coach & Kick-Ass Soul Magnet – blending Soul Energy with Sexuality! **Show’s Format** * Introduction * Topic: The List of Love * Holistic Item of the Week: Re-Union Flower Essences * Closing remarks Green Hope Farm:   MP3 File Read more →

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