Helping Women Transform Into Sexual Powerhouses By Igniting Their Desire! 

I work with remarkable women like you who have forgotten what it feels like to have sexual power pumping through your bodies.

An Optimal Sex Drive Attracts:

good health

more money

more opportunities

personal power & confidence

tantalizing creativity

deeper intimacy

soul-to-soul love

and toe-curling, orgasmic screaming, blood-pumping energy.

I help you reestablish your Kick-Ass Goddess status through energy, flower essences, stones/crystals, essential oils, intuitive insight, energy-specific food & drink, Feng Shui, and some good ole practical (but not necessarily textbook) methods. 


5 Steps To Ooze Confidence In & Out Of The Bedroom!

Confidence is on the mind this week. My latest Passion Zone podcast covered confidence. We’re covering confidence in Red Hot 180. I’m going to need confidence to speak to a room full of people this weekend at the Universal Life Expo about Soul Mates & Twin Flames. Without a doubt,…

happy days

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Are you a woman who finds that you spend more time in your head than in-between the sheets? Well that’s…