Helping Women Transform Into Sexual Powerhouses By Igniting Their Desire! 

I work with remarkable women like you who have forgotten what it feels like to have sexual power pumping through your bodies.

An Optimal Sex Drive Attracts:

good health

more money

more opportunities

personal power & confidence

tantalizing creativity

deeper intimacy

soul-to-soul love

and toe-curling, orgasmic screaming, blood-pumping energy.

I help you reestablish your Kick-Ass Goddess status through energy, flower essences, stones/crystals, essential oils, intuitive insight, energy-specific food & drink, Feng Shui, and some good ole practical (but not necessarily textbook) methods. 


The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Passion

Passion – it’s needed to keep relationships alive and healthy. Hell, it’s needed to even find a relationship and get it going. Without passion, there’s no will to keep the fire lit in a relationship. So passion is pretty damn important. Right? One would think so! But when I asked…